by Alex VENCEL



It is a unique global program for coaches and goalkeepers that includes 4 parts:

  1. Website
    • Teaching material (book and videos)
    • Online education
    • Extras
  2. Application for smartphones and tablets (in 5 languages)
  3. Leading goalkeeping licences for football associations, seminars and other events
  4. Consulting in goalkeeping development
The website, as a new part of the program, is developed in 3 languages (English, French and Russian). The membership gives an unlimited access to the whole existing content in the website but also to all updates in the future.

*The website membership does not give rights for other parts of the goalkeeping program (For more information please send us an email)

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For a short guided visit through the website, please watch our presentation video


The teaching material consists of a 320-page book and videos that make a set. The theoretical explanations in the book (planning, development of the goalkeeper, physical preparation, match analysis...) are supplemented by 1271 photos and 550 computer graphics. The transformation of theory into practice is carried out using 71 videos with 501 exercises. Each exercise has its detailed description as a PDF document.


Join us to become a member of our goalkeeping website.

The membership will give you a full and unlimited access to all current and future information on this website. Wherever you are the goalkeeping information follows you. You can use your PC, smartphone, and tablet.